Providing you the best logic in Process Industry.


Our Values

  • Logical analysis
  • Strong fundamentals of science and engineering
  • Break down complex issues to basic engineering fundamentals
  • Deep insight into merits and demerits of each type of process technology
  • We ensure you are way ahead of your competitors


Picture1Logical Process Engineering Solutions (LPES) is a group of highly qualified chemical  engineers with more than 75 years of cumulative experience. LPES serves Indian as well as international projects from small to big sized green field as well as brown field projects. We cater to wide range of industries including Petrochemical, Polyester, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power and Marine industries through our expertise in design, development, detailed engineering, project costing, project execution, pre-commissioning, commissioning, plant stabilization, performance test, trouble-shooting, production/utilities cost optimization, training etc.

Picture1Our objective is to serve our clients such that all the complex processes / unit operations are simplified and broken down to basic principles of science. We are committed to simplify to such an extent that even a common person can understand it as simple as 1+1=2. This unique strength contributes to achieving lowest project and operating costs, thus benefiting in overall profit margin for our clients. Another byproduct is excellent training of the client’s staff during our consultation which further ensures logical decision making and eliminates losses due to avoidable mistakes. Yes, we have an excellent track record in this.